Brisbane or Bris-Vegas!

Having a very nice time in Brisbane.

Some Locals actually refer to their home town as “Bris-Vegas”.  I still can’t figure out exactly why but some how it makes sense. There is a casino and quite a few shows, many of them have a circus/variety feel very much like shows on the Las Vegas strip.  Granted we are here during Brisbane Festival.  So far we have had a great time working in the Idolize Spiegeltent with La Soiree.

Not much else to say so I will just upload some photos and go climb a tree.

“Don’t let the fool near the straps”

Idolize Spiegeltent BrisbaneNice placement, on the Brisbane river next  to Queensland Performing Arts Center

Laser show every night… don’t forget your earplugs.


… more photos to come after playtime.

Amy-G rocking the tent.

Feed time between shows.
Watch your fingers!

Can we please stop this unnecessary use of resources.

Fun usage of pallets to create performance spaces.

Santos is a big sponsor of the Brisbane Festival

Yet they don’t mind a few demonstrators with a projector, for fifteen minutes or so.

Keisha and Brett admiring one very nice rubber broom from Leeroy Hart.
Thanks Leeroy!

Bali, an eye opening experience.

So my first visit to Bali has taught me a lot about the relationship between tourist and environment. It is not always an easy balance to strike.

I was informed by my Australian travel companions that it is quite common for “20 somethings” from all over Australia to visit Bali and party quite hard. It is clear that this has had an affect on many facets of the Balinese economy. I am not sure how long this has been going on but it seems to have reached a point of no return. Without diving deeply into my opinion of who is exploiting who or what pitfalls arise when economies and values clash in a drastic way I will just say  it felt like there were different worlds occupying the same beautiful island.  An island that was desperately in need of guidance. Perhaps not in spirituality or economically  but in infrastructure and environmental sustainability. I wish someone had an eye on preservation.

Preservation of environment.  Preservation of culture without commerce attached. I don’t want to be offered cheap knockoff sunglasses every five minutes when I am visiting a temple (this is just one example, there are many people selling many things all the time everywhere and it is most often poorly made plastic trinkets). And of course preservation of relationships. I believe that trust is key to healthy relationships.  Trust is a hard thing to muster up when it feels like everything revolves around money.  I understand that haggling over price is a natural thing to do, I am not talking about that. I am talking about being pulled over and knowing that I should not show the cop my wallet because then he will ask for more money. Granted, in this case, I was driving the wrong way down a one-way street when he stopped me  but I was not the only one. Perhaps the only white one but this is not about race, just money. The cop looked at my international drivers license and found a “stamp” missing. Essentially this meant that I had to bribe him, 50,000 rupiah ( about 5$) and he let me go.  It just doesn’t feel like there is anyone looking out for the health and safety of people who can’t afford to buy it. Don’t get me started on food quality. I think some of it is just poison.

All I want to say is I wish the people of Bali the best of luck in their future and I hope they find peace and prosperity amid the western-style party atmosphere and not destroy their beautiful island in the process.

And now a few pictures from our trip…

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24 hours, two shows, bump out, 11 hours of travel… the Bali vacation has begun.

Hello Indonesia!

Scooters are rented, Villa is luxurious and the beach is magnificent. I don’t have much more to say except… breath in and breath out… thank you world.

Corroboree Billabong fishing trip with some “reel” anglers… haha.

Good times just keep getting better up here in the Northern Territory.

“Reel Easy”

With good friends and great luck the cast of La Soiree was guided through crocodile infested waters for some class “A” fishing. Thank you Leeroy Hart for connecting us with Craig, Skev and Pete, who clearly know every snag and eddy of the Corroboree billabong.

“Brett… drive!” shouted Pete, as he assembled three rods and reels in the blink of an eye, and fixed the one that Leeroy put on backwards. “Ahhhh… I don’t know the river” Brett replied. We all laughed and kept speeding ahead full throttle.

Mind the crocodiles… yikes!

Mental note, don’t jump to your feet with camera in hand when a crocodile goes splashing off the bank into the water, it makes you look like a real rookie. Not to mention the possibility of a life threatening plunge into the river.

Sickness:what ever ails you, stress.

Cure:a day on the river.

Never fails.

countdown to relaxation…3…2…ahhhh.

No… Pete, don’t change the lures. Skev is using decoys!

David Omer with his big Barramundi.

Big fish eat little fish.

La Soiree makes the front page in Darwin!

Soiree makes the front page(top right)


We have been joined by La Soiree veteran Frodo the Amazing Rubberman. He has been in Darwin for one day and already on the front page.  One of the nicest things about this company is the constant rotation of talent.  As a performer it keeps it entertaining and the audiences never know what they will get. Keep it fresh!


Frodo, Miranda, Saskia and Keisha

One more week in Darwin

We have just one week left in the beautiful city of Darwin and there is still so much left to do. Fishing for barramundi, feeding crocodiles, buying whips and perhaps even a boat trip.

Backstage ready to roll


Although the future is looking bright with Brisbane and Bali on the horizon I intend to soak up every last blessing this foreign land has to offer.

Litchfield Park

Thank you Darwin for the great audiences and I wish you the best of luck with all these nutty tourists.